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'Bathhouse Ordinance' Passed!

Ordinance Passed! Clean Up Kennedy is excited to announce that the revamped “Bathhouse Ordinance” passed it’s second reading at the city council meeting on January 11, 2018. After plenty of deliberation and public debate the city council voted to officially adopt the Bathhouse Ordinance.

This ordinance will enforce codes that will make it more difficult for massage spas in Tampa to be dens for human trafficking. Among other things, the Bathhouse Ordinance enforces a 10pm closing time, requires spas to have a well lit front entrance, and requires spas to display information about human trafficking.  These measures are steps in the right direction towards educating the public about the dangers of human trafficking that could be going on in their own neighborhoods.

After months of working with city council on this ordinance, Clean Up Kennedy is thrilled that it has passed. We want to continue to make the human trafficking victims our primary concern moving forward. We are actively working…