News Channel 8 Exposes Illicit Massage Parlors Along Kennedy Blvd

In a series of excellent videos and reports investigative journalist Mark Douglas exposed the disturbing truth behind the numerous "Health Spas" on Kennedy Blvd. Below are the links to his articles and the videos that go along with them.

8 Investigates: Are ‘Storefronts for Sex’ thriving along Tampa’s Kennedy Blvd?

In this report Douglas shines a light on whats really going on inside Kennedy's "Asian Massage" storefronts by doing research into police complaints arrest records. He takes a camera crew inside one of these "Spas" and questions employees. He also talks to Tampa City Councilman Mike Suarez and Guido Maniscalco.

A map of suspected Illicit Massage Parlors on Kennedy Blvd

8 Investigates: What is Tampa doing to stop ‘modern day slavery’?

After the Tampa Police busted an Illicit Massage Parlor on Henderson Blvd four years ago Police Chief Jane Castor  said that “human trafficking is the modern day form of slavery.” Mark Douglas looks into what the TBD has done since then to crack down on similar operations. He talks to local residents and business owners whose lives have been affected by these "Spas."

Tampa prostitution message board lights up over 8 on Your Side sex investigation

This report looks into the reaction online from patrons of the "Asian Health Spas." Some are worried that the business will be shut down, others think that "Like snow bird season" this interest in cracking down on Illicit Massage Parlors will pass quickly. Don't count on it!

Skip to 2:45 in this video to hear Mark Douglas mention our facebook group Clean up Kennedy!

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