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Weekly Update: June 18th - 24th

Monday started off strong with Mark Douglas teasing on twitter then Channel 8 airing another report in their series "Storefronts for sex?" about our Friday Street Demonstration, our Comments at the city Council meeting and the FDLE Bust of a string of Illicit Massage Businesses from Naples to Tallahassee.

A post on Mark Douglas' Twitter
Click Here for a link to the Channel 8 article 

This week Clean Up Kennedy unveiled a new way to get involved, 'Operation Its Closing Time' gives citizens the tools to make sure businesses are following the laws in Florida that have been created to protect those in the Massage Therapy industry.

Reporting businesses that claim to provide massage services that violate states law by being open between the hours of Midnight and 5am, will make it harder for them to continue their illicit operations.

We had another Friday Street Demonstration this week with a great turnout. Shannon Valladolid from Channel 10 WTSP came out and covered the…

Get Involved! Operation: It's Closing Time

Operation: It's Closing Time

State Law dictates that businesses that do massage must be closed between 12am and 5am (except some specially exempted medical facilities).

If you happen to drive by one of these Illicit Massage Parlors past midnight and see that their 'OPEN' sign is on, or see other signs that business is still occurring, you can call the Tampa Police Department.

Don't call 911, because it is not an emergency (unless you happen to see something that indicates that someone is in immediate physical danger).  Call the Tampa Police Department Non Emergency line:
(813) 231-6130 You can also send the Tampa Police a message online CLICK HERE

and report that State Law is being violated. They will then have a duty to investigate and at the very least file a report and hopefully actually check it out and cite the business with a misdemeanor.

Our hope is to provide the Tampa Police Department with training on how to identify the signs of Human Trafficking so that when…

Weekly Update: June 11th - 17th Drafting Ordinances, City Council Meeting and Street Demonstration!

Drafting new ordinances to crack down on Illicit Massage Business in Tampa.
Clean Up Kennedy is working with local human trafficking prevention groups, professional massage therapists, and a team of lawyers to draft city legislation to crack down on the Illicit Massage Business in Tampa. Restricting hours of operation and other measures to insure that business that claim that they do massage are fully licenced and offer no additional illicit services, and that their employees are protected to the full extent of the law. More information on what you can do to support our efforts to pass this legislation will be announced soon.

Thursday June 15th City Council Meeting
Tampa citizens Brandon and Ariel spoke at the City Council Meeting expressing their concerns about the Illicit Massage Business along Kennedy Blvd and for the women who are being exploited in them. City Council Meetings are held every other Thursday at 9am and usually have a 'Public Comment' period where citizens can…

Clean Up Kennedy at the June 1st City Council Meeting

Clean up Kennedy had a great turnout at the June 1st City Council Meeting.

Joe Manson speaking at the meeting.

Clean up Kennedy was featured on Mark Douglas's Twitter.

Below is a link to the article and news report about Clean up Kennedy that aired during the 5:30 news that night.