Weekly Update: June 18th - 24th

Monday started off strong with Mark Douglas teasing on twitter then Channel 8 airing another report in their series "Storefronts for sex?" about our Friday Street Demonstration, our Comments at the city Council meeting and the FDLE Bust of a string of Illicit Massage Businesses from Naples to Tallahassee.

A post on Mark Douglas' Twitter

This week Clean Up Kennedy unveiled a new way to get involved, 'Operation Its Closing Time' gives citizens the tools to make sure businesses are following the laws in Florida that have been created to protect those in the Massage Therapy industry.

Reporting businesses that claim to provide massage services that violate states law by being open between the hours of Midnight and 5am, will make it harder for them to continue their illicit operations.

We had another Friday Street Demonstration this week with a great turnout. Shannon Valladolid from Channel 10 WTSP came out and covered the event and talked to a few of our members who where out holding signs to educated the public about what was happening inside the many "Spas" that line Kennedy Blvd.

The Clean Up Kennedy - Fighting Human Trafficking in Tampa Bay Facebook group reached over 1400 members this week!

Be sure to join and add all your friends!!!

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